Friday, May 18, 2012

iPhone meets its match?

iPhone meets its match

Samsung Galaxy S III goes on sale in 11 days, but preorders reportedly already top 9 million. By comparison, the much-lauded iPhone 4S sold 4 million units, including preorders, during its first three days of availability. At this pace, Galaxy S III is poised to be the biggest smartphone launch to date.

Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO: A look at early investors who sold shares in the social network - The Washington Post:

"The IPO sold at $38 per share, generating $6.8 billion for Facebook
and $9.2 billion, collectively, for existing stockholders."

  • FB Facebook Inc 38.23 104.81B
  • GOOG Google Inc 600.40 195.75B
  • LNKD Linkedin Corp. 99.02 10.23B
  • AOL AOL, Inc. 26.01 2.43B

    Facebook Is Going To Be Even More Annoying Now That It’s Public Facebook made a mere $1.21 per user last quarter. Sure. It has a ton of users, but that's a low number, not the kind of thing it's making up on volume. By comparison, Google earned $7.14. Both Google and Facebook are in the business of selling you to advertisers. And Facebook is going to need to get way better at it.