Wednesday, November 01, 2023

CyberTruck vs Arrow

and the winner is...

Joe Rogan Experience #2054 - Elon Musk - JRE Podcast

Watch Joe Rogan Try To Shoot An Arrow Into The Tesla Cybertruck's Body

 @insideEV"...  90-pound compound bow that shoots 525-grain arrows at 300 feet per second (205 mph)...

Musk let Rogan shoot an arrow into the same Cybertruck he had driven to the studio, and the test went well for the stainless steel-bodied electric truck. Despite using one of the most powerful bows available, the arrow simply ricocheted from the rear door of the Cybertruck, flattening its tip and leaving a small dent on the panel."

AutoCloud: Infrastructure as Code

AutoCloud and Infrastructure as Code with Tyson Kunovsky - Software Engineering Daily

AutoCloud is a platform for automating resource provisioning, and is at the forefront of the move towards infrastructure as code

relatively high prices...