Friday, June 06, 2014

Google $1,000 Project Tango tablet for seeing in 3D

Google reveals $1,024 Project Tango tablet for seeing in 3-D - Computerworld:

"Developers can sign up to be notified when the unit goes on sale later this year for $1,024.
"These development kits are designed for professional developers interested in exploring the future of mobile 3D sensing," Google said. Only limited quantities of the kit will be available and developers will receive updates as the software algorithms and APIs (application programming interfaces) evolve."

Amazon SmartPhone with 3D?

TechCrunch: Amazon's first phone uses 'Okao Vision' for 3D effects:

Amazon's June 18th event is still mostly shrouded in mystery, but general consensus is that the e-commerce giant is releasing a phone of its own with an interactive 3D interface.
Now, TechCrunch claims to have identified the technology behind that feature, and it's supposedly Omron's Okao Vision face-sensing system. The Amazon team reportedly customized the Japanese company's creation so that it can be used to show 3D effects on an ordinary LCD screen without special glasses. Instead of relying on accessories, the software depends on four front cameras embedded on the device's corners to track the user's face, as well as on the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope. For instance, if you tilt your face to one side, the interface shows you a hidden panel you wouldn't see if you look at the screen from another angle.

ideas, patent, facebook: phone with touchpads

Patent images reveal a Facebook phone with touchpads on the SIDE | Mail Online:

  • It features a traditional touchscreen, with a touchpad on the side 
  • The files claims this touchpad would respond to certain gestures
  • In another image, this touchpad is shown on the rear of the handset
The patent was originally filed in 2011 by a lead Facebook engineer. It details a traditional touchscreen, with a touchpad on the side, pictured, that would use a 'gesture recognition library' to respond to certain movements. An alternative image shows this touchpad on the rear of the device, with a clickable button on the side instead

ideas: podcasts as positive reinforcement

Self-hack: enjoying doing the dishes @ Super Fun Happy Time Blog :
"I hate doing household chores. It’s boring, time-consuming and often yucky... podcasts, I’ve found, are a perfect source of random positive reinforcement. Crucially, you can listen to them while doing basically any household chore. Even more importantly, I only listen to podcasts while doing chores. "

I have also added commuting and shopping to the list of "chores",
so have more time and more sources for podcasts...