Saturday, May 17, 2014

ideas: Managing Meetings Time

Time Is a Company's Most Valuable Resource - HBR IdeaCast - Harvard Business Review:

"There’s also been a proliferation of attendees at meetings where the average meeting size has grown over time. And our research on decision making has basically supported what we call the Rule of Seven which says, for every person you add to a meeting over, above seven, the effectiveness of that meeting goes down by 10%. 

The effectiveness being gaged by the quality and your ability to actually reach decisions and outcomes in that setting. Say that, by the time you reach 17 people in a meeting, you’re actually not making any decisions"

Google Maps + Elevation API

The Google Elevation API - Google Maps API Web Services — Google Developers:

Google Maps adds elevation data for cyclists braving the hills | PCWorld
"Google has quietly added elevation data to bike routes in its Maps service, providing better intel for intrepid cyclists.

The feature, which launched Friday, seems to work for much of the U.S. and Canada. Google says Maps already factored in elevation when determining routes for cyclists, but until now the elevation data wasn’t made easily visible."