Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Seasons Calendar 2023

National Parks "seasons calendar", for year 2023. Variants of the calendar:

English, weeks starting at Sunday, Letter size, as usual in America.

English, weeks starting at Mondays, A4 size, as usual in Europe and other places. 

Serbian, Latin chars, weeks starting at Mondays, A4 paper size 

Serbian, Cyrillic chars, weeks starting at Mondays, A4 paper size

Winter solstice - Wikipedia when daytime is the shortest, on Northern hemisphere.

It is also the beginning of increase of the length of each day's daytime.
A good time for a new start, and a new calendar :)

WASM runtime Wasmer v3.0

 Announcing Wasmer 3.0

wasmerio/wasmer: 🚀 The leading WebAssembly Runtime supporting WASI and Emscripten @GitHub

Wasmer is a fast and secure WebAssembly runtime that enables super lightweight containers to run anywhere: from Desktop to the CloudEdge and IoT devices.