Friday, February 17, 2023

"feature flags" tool: Statsig

Statsig | Product Observability, now in real-time

Democratizing the Tools of Big Tech with Statsig CEO Vijaye Raji: The Complete History and Strategy

interesting story about Facebook engineering, recommended listening!
some highlights:
  • first days on job as an Engineer in Facebook, after 10 years in Microsoft making compilers, he deployed the code used by 600 Million users (!!)
  • a few years later, with a small team of 6 people, made a feature that created $ 1.6 Billion revenue for Facebook (yes, billions!) What a “return on investment”. Right place and right time….
  • apparently Facebook at any moment has thousands of features that are disabled or enabled by configuration, and can even measure usage and value and cost of each of such feature
  • now created a startup that provides “sw features management” tool for cloud and enterprises