Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Azure Service Fabric: "PasS 2.0 for microservices"

Azure podcast: Episode 160 - The Service Fabric Way

Overview of Service Fabric | Microsoft Docs

Service Fabric platform

Understanding microservices | Microsoft DocsService Fabric platform state storage

Tesla Motors += Chris Lattner (LLVM, Swift)

Tesla Motors just hired one of brightest minds of computers science today.
Chris Lattner is creator of LLVM, a widely used compiler infrastructure.
iOS is where it is today in part thanks to efficient compilers he helped evolve and create.
Swift language is now also used for server side programs.

Tesla hires Apple’s creator of Swift as new VP of Autopilot Software | TechCrunch

"Tesla has a new vice president heading up Autopilot efforts — Chris Lattner, whose departure from Apple was reported only earlier today. Lattner worked at Apple for 11 years, where his chief contribution was creating Swift, Apple’s most recent programming language
Lattner’s history includes creating the Clang compiler and designing the LLVM compiler optimization infrastructure."

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