Monday, May 19, 2014

AI, Climate Change, Under-water Archaeology, Ice-Age Americans

A fascinating scientific story about relatively recent human history (9000 years back). AI game-like simulation is used to identify likely behavior of hunted animals and people, to identify likely locations of submerged remains of hunting traps.

The water level was 150 feed (50m) lower than today before melting of ice.
And it was successful, they did find them under water.

How Paleo-Americans Emerged From The Ice Age | On Point with Tom Ashbrook: "We go under Lake Huron to see how America’s paleo-Indian mastodon hunters lived and moved at the end of the Ice Age. Plus: new studies suggest that the Antarctic shelf is collapsing for good.

9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Structure Found Submerged in Lake Huron | Popular Archaeology - exploring the past
"Discovery under 121 feet of water in Lake Huron sheds light on prehistoric caribou hunts |

Irreversible melting of Antarctic Ice Shelf has started, to result with eventual sea level rise of 10 ft. It will take some time, but will change geography.

What Does U.S. Look Like With 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise? | Climate Central

Cities that will end up mostly submerged (or protected by sea walls):

New Jersey | Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

Rubik's Cube 40th birthday

Celebrate the 40th birthday of Rubik's Cube with today's Google Doodle:
Rubik's Cube game on Google

Rubik's Cube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974[1][2]
by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture ErnÅ‘ Rubik.

Rubik's cube.svg

Official web site:

Solving 3x3 cube, from official web site:

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