Sunday, March 02, 2014

Energy-Smart Homes

Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 6 - Taunton Store:

Energy_Smart Homes 6 Cover

Fine Homebuilding: Get expert home construction tips, tool reviews, remodeling design and layout ideas, house project plans, and advice for homeowners

Official Time Widget: HTML5

The Official NIST US Time Widget - HTML5 for cross-platform devices:

Interesting... JavaScript only version is not embed-able on other sites, but flash is.
Is flash less secure for not enforcing CORS?

The "Actual time" is available at:

"Perfect combination"

MJG International - About the MJG Network:

Network Expert

It is not quite clear what is relationship between
Frontend Masters & Pluralsigh...
In any case, it is nice to see those classes...

Code Testability by AngularJS creator

Code Testability - Online Training Course for Developers: @ pluralsight

Misko Hevery claims that tests are comparable (i.e. 50%) number of lines of code as the code that is being tested, but it may take a small fraction of time (i.e. 5%) to write the tests, because they are much simpler. 

He asserts that automated testing is saving significant amount of development time.... He suggests "write tests first" development...