Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Size of Amazon’s Cloud

Amazon’s cloud is how big again? — Tech News and Analysis

Netcraft, which pegs the numbers of AWS web-facing servers at 158,000, up from 118,000 such servers in September, 2012.

The Programmable World / Internet of Things

podcast: The Programmable World | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

“Welcome to the Programmable World.” @ Wired

Internet of Things Consortium

"Internet of Things" @ Wikipedia


Videos | WintellectNOW

Another web based training site, from Wintellect, well known for great conferences and in-person training of Microsoft technologies

5G Samsung: Gigabit-Per-Second Wireless

Gigabit-Per-Second Wireless Tested in New York | MIT Technology Review: "Samsung says its new transceiver can send and receive data at speeds of more than a gigabit per second over up to two kilometers—and it could deliver tens of gigabits per second at shorter distances. This compares to about 75 megabits per second for the latest standard, known as 4G LTE. The Samsung technology relies on 28-gigahertz frequencies, which can carry commensurately more data but can be blocked by buildings, people, foliage, and even rainfall."

Samsung Says New Superfast “5G” Works with Handsets in Motion


Looks nice :)

TechEd North America 2013

Keynote Presentation | TechEd North America 2013 | Channel 9

A nice car... a bit over-the-top Microsoft marketing.