Friday, November 22, 2013

Google in Education: Online courses

Online courses - Course: @ Google
online courses for teachers who use Google in their classrooms.

Udacity Changes Course?

Udacity's Sebastian Thrun, Godfather Of Free Online Education, Changes Course | Fast Company | Business + Innovation:

Mission Impossible | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Why MOOCs May Still Be Silicon Valley's Next Grand Challenge | Dr. Keith Devlin
abandoning his original "teach the world" educational vision and concentrating on corporate training?

Udacity Introducing Big Data Courses and Paid Enrollment
For beginner level courses the cost is $150 per month ($105 per month with the 30% early registration discount), and for Data Wrangling with MongoDB, which is an intermediate course expected to take 2 months, the cost is $200 per month ($140 per month with the 30% early registration discount).
Stanford vs. MIT: How Marketing Trumps Technology In Startups - Forbes

7 top podcasts for techies

7 top podcasts for techies: (-1)


podcast radio:

Bitcoin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Bitcoin (sign: ; code: BTC or XBT[1]) is a peer-to-peer digital currency that functions without the intermediation of a central authority.[2] The concept was introduced in a 2008 paper by a pseudonymous developer known as "Satoshi Nakamoto".[3]
Bitcoin has been called a cryptocurrency because it is decentralized and uses cryptographyto control transactions"