Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js

Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js – Pluralsight Training



enjalot (Ian Johnson)  @ GitHub

"Tributary allows you to share live-editable code snippets. These snippets will most likely use d3.js and allow a user to play with code in a very responsive way."
Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki

Apple Watch

Apple - Apple Watch:

$17,000 Apple Watch, some waiting for killer app | Reuters

Machine Learning for Programming

Machine Learning for Programming: @ InfoQ

"Peter Norvig keynotes on using machine learning techniques to solve more general software problems, helping both the advanced programmer and the novice one."

Human learning is based on pattern matching, and machine learning is based on pattern matching.
It is unlikely to happen quickly, but over time there will be more symbiosis of human and machine programming, too. I would extend this treating programs as (sometimes) efficient way of knowledge representation, that could and will be automated...