Monday, January 16, 2012

HP TouchPad + Android

CyanogenMod's HP TouchPad Team Releases A Glimpse At CM9,
Hopes To Give Us "Something To Play With" Soon

CyanogenMod team recently declared they have reached the impressive 1 million user milestone which involves official and unofficial installations...

Android 4.0 ported to HP TouchPad
announcement by HP that it would be open sourcing its WebOS software has led to a surprise reverse phenomenon of developers now hoping to port the operating system to Android devices.

Since both Android and WebOS are based on Linux and WebKit browser engine,
they may be able to run in parallel, that is to run both Android and WebOS apps
on the same base OS. It is more likely to have Android platform as a base,
since there are more drivers already developed...

On the other side, both Android and WebOS should be able to run as a "Desktop VM",
to run "universal" apps on every computer... That sounds like HTML5 offline apps...
and for the most part it is, except that a platform (OS) should provide packaging,
updates, and protection services...