Saturday, June 20, 2015

free ebook: Manager's Guide to Design Patterns

An Engineering Manager's Guide to Design Patterns - O'Reilly Media

"Instead of algorithms or code, design patterns are all about reusing the experience of developers who have devised well thought-out, time-tested solutions to object-oriented programming problems. Using O'Reilly's unique Head First methodology, this report details how a particular design pattern can solve a non-obvious design problem."

WebAssembly & asm.js (!)

w3c community group logo

WebAssembly Community Group

WebAssembly | Luke Wagner's Blog
"Mozilla have started working with ChromiumEdge and WebKit engineers on creating a new standard, WebAssembly, that defines a portable, size- and load-time-efficient format and execution model specifically designed to serve as a compilation target for the Web."

WebAssembly @ GitHub (with V8 engine)

Brendan Eich » Blog Archive » From ASM.JS to WebAssembly

Solar System of JS (ClojureScript => JavaScript)

【Modern Web 2015】JavaScript at 20 Years - Brendan Eich - YouTube

The Web is getting its bytecode: WebAssembly | Ars Technica
"The people behind wasm have not forgotten that JavaScript is supported everywhere and wasm is currently not supported anywhere. Their plan is to fill the gap with a polyfill; a JavaScript script that will convert wasm to asm.js for those browsers that don't have native wasm support. Either the browser will interpret the wasm directly, or it will load the polyfill and execute the resulting asm.js. Native handling should be faster, but the polyfill means that a developer can be sure that a wasm program will always work."

From Asm.js to WebAssembly | Hacker News

This may even be applicable even for Apple's next gen platforms:
Apple’s Bitcode Telegraphs Future CPU Plans — Medium
Bitcode is an encoding of LLVM compiler’s Intermediate Representation(IR).