Thursday, September 07, 2023

WASM: Sharp.js native lib in web browser

 Bringing Sharp to WebAssembly and WebContainers

WebContainers is an environment that allows you to run Node.js directly in your browser. It can easily handle any JavaScript, including npm modules. However, when it comes to image processing and optimisation, users of toolchains such as Gatsby, Astro, Next.js and others were facing difficulties. The most popular libraries used for this task are @squoosh/lib derived from - sadly, no longer maintained as a library - and Sharp, which uses a native Node.js addon for the expensive processing under the hood. => porting Sharp to WebAssembly,

AI: Mojo lang available for download!

after $100M funding round... 

Modular: AI development starts here

Mojo 🔥 - the programming language for all AI developers - now available.

Developer Console

Mojo is not available for Windows yet, but you can use it on a Linux container or remote system.
Here's one way you can do that with WSL