Thursday, November 22, 2012

Einstein Quotes

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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

Data => Information => Knowledge => Wisdom

Daniel Burrus - Technology Trends and Business Strategy Speaker | Are You Formalizing, Capturing, and Leveraging Knowledge To Create Higher Value Assets?:

 tremendous opportunity and added value in going
beyond the current activity of converting data into information,
to higher levels of value by sharing, capturing, and delivering knowledge and wisdom 
that both employees and clients can quickly act upon.

To 20 Technology Trends for 2013

Predictions form a  professional futurist, known to predict right.

Daniel Burrus - Technology Trends and Business Strategy Speaker | Daniel Burrus’ Top Twenty Technology-Driven Trends for 2013:

Big Data
On Demand
Consumer IT
Game - Edu
Smart Phone & Tablet = PC
3D Printing
Intelligent Agents

Fiber-neighborhoods: "Fiberhoods"

Google’s Internet Service Might Actually Bring the U.S. Up to Speed
Google’s gigabit Internet service is priced at $70 per month.
When bundled with TV, the price rises to $120
As a budget alternative, Internet at five megabits per second is available for a one-time fee of $300.

Google Fiber reveals first neighborhoods in Kansas City

Obama’s Moment -
"...The majority of Chattanooga homes and businesses get 50 megabits per second, some 100 megabits, a few 250 and those with big needs opt for a full gigabit per second

...EPB, the city’s electric power and telecom provider, which built and operates the network. 

...The average around the country is 4.5 megabits per second.” So average Internet speed in Chattanooga is 10 times the national average. That doesn’t just mean faster downloads. The fiber grid means 150,000 Chattanooga homes now have smart electric meters to track their energy consumption in real time. 

... on July 5, Chattanooga got hit with an unusual storm that knocked out power to 80,000 homes. Thanks to intelligent power switching on the fiber network, he said, “42,000 homes had 
their electricity restored in ... 2 seconds.” Old days: 17 hours..."

iOS App Store is a Race to the Bottom

Win8 Developers: Don’t Make the Terrible Mistake of Treating the Windows Store like the iOS App Store | MarkedUp - Analytics and Insights for Windows 8MarkedUp – Analytics and Insights for Windows 8

  1. The iOS app store is effectively a hit-driven market – if you’re not one of a small handful of winners, then you’re toast. That article was written in 2009 – it’s gotten only worse since.

  2. The App Store redesign introduced in iOS6 is a giant kick in the groin to developers – there’s not much visibility or discoverability for apps that are new and aren’t massively popular.

  3. It’s a race to the bottom when it comes to prices on the iOS app store – particularly for purchases made on iPhones.

The article has a good point, while it is also promoting a product MarkedUp created by the author.

Store-search is not a very good method to find, or promote an app.
"Social" element is by far more influential, where specialized apps are found from friends.
Certainly there is a plenty of space for innovation, so Windows Store has some chance,
as well as Google Play...