Saturday, March 19, 2022

.NET Hot Reload: open source

.NET 6 Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, and NOTEPAD?!? - YouTube
by Scott Hanselman

> dotnet watch run

Microsoft reverses controversial .NET change after open source community outcry - The Verge

Microsoft is reversing a decision to remove a key feature from its upcoming .NET 6 release, after a public outcry from the open source community. Microsoft angered the .NET open source community earlier this week by removing a key part of Hot Reload in the upcoming release of .NET 6, a feature that allows developers to modify source code while an app is running and immediately see the results.

It’s a feature many had been looking forward to using in Visual Studio Code and across multiple platforms, until Microsoft made a controversial last-minute decision to lock it to Visual Studio 2022 which is a mostly paid product that’s limited to Windows.

Remix with Kent C. Dodds

Kent Dodds is VERY enthusiastic about Remix, again

Remix helps bridge the network chasm featuring Kent C. Dodds (JS Party #215) |> Changelog

in some ways Remix is competing with Next.js, and Vercel company that is behind Next has “unicorn” valuation (> $1B)

Vercel raises $102M Series C for its front-end development platform | TechCrunch

In total, the company has now raised $163 million and its current valuation is $1.1 billion.

TSDX: TypeScript CLI tool

Introduction – TSDX

Zero-config CLI for TypeScript package development

TSDX is a zero-config CLI that helps you develop, test, and publish modern TypeScript packages with ease--so you can focus on your awesome new library and not waste another afternoon on the configuration.

npx tsdx create mylib