Saturday, January 29, 2022

Cloud cost +++

Troy Hunt's Azure cloud bill shock is a cautionary tale

in December 2021 that monster bill hit from Azure – by line item pred.ominantly under the “bandwidth” service name with the bill meter for “data transfer out
a setting on his Cloudflare plan that set the max cacheable file size to 15GB was ultimately to blame: the launch of the Pwned Passwords ingestion pipeline for the FBI along with hundreds of millions of new passwords provided by the NCA had meant HaveIBeenPwned had started hosting millions of new zip files; each of them 17.3GB big and slipping the net.

ACM podcast with DHH

A very good podcast interview with “DHH”, creator of Ruby on Rails open source framework with some good insights about open source, remote work, value of marketing etc. “Rails” has profoundly influenced many other web dev frameworks (i.e. ASP.NET MVC), so DHH indirectly affected many of todays developers…Not to mention that he is a (real) race car driver,
and was even able to “fight and win” Apple Store :)

ACM ByteCast (podcast) Ep23 David Heinemeier Hansson

JavaScript algorithms

trekhleb/javascript-algorithms: 📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings @GitHub

This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures.

Each algorithm and data structure has its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading (including ones to YouTube videos).

Svelte vs React

 Comparing Svelte and React - Jack Franklin

comparison of bulding "Pomodoro" app with both (P)React & Svelte