Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Google's Secret Servers

Super-Secret Google Builds Servers in the Dark | Wired Enterprise |

"About two years ago, Chris Sharp says, Google unscrewed all the light bulbs inside the hardware cages it occupied at that Equinix data center. “They had us turn off all overhead lights too, and their guys put on those helmets with lights you see miners wear,” he tells Wired. “Presumably, they were bringing up custom-built gear they didn’t want anyone else to see.”
Google designs its own servers and its own networking gear, and though it still leases space in third-party data centers such as the Equinix facility, it’s now designing and building its own data centers as well. These designs are meant to improve the performance of the company’s web services but also save power and money. More so than any other outfit, Google views its data-center work as an important advantage over competitors."

HP Computers += Printers

The Associated Press: HP combines printer, PC units in turnaround effort

"The change comes as sales of printers and ink, once HP's lifeblood,
are falling because people are sharing more documents and photos online instead of printing them."

So now when buying HP computer customers will get a printer too :)
Or, if you buy a printer, you will get a computer, too. That would make more sense :)

HP is considered a technology company,
and Apple has defined what market expects from a technology company now...
It is unlikely that minuscule savings will impress investors...
On the other side, if HP has presented an "Enterprise Cloud" solution that "just works",
I bet stock price would reflect that...