Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Nvidia: the most valuable company! (AI)

Nvidia tops Microsoft as the most valuable public company - CBS News

Nvidia on Tuesday vaulted past Microsoft to become the most valuable publicly listed company in the world, highlighting its place at the forefront of Big Tech.

Nvidia's stock price rose nearly $5, or 3.7%, to $135.77, valuing the AI chip maker at $3.33 trillion, compared with $3.31 trillion for Microsoft and $3.29 trillion for Apple, which boasted the largest market capitalization until being surpassed by Microsoft earlier this year. A year ago, Nvidia's market capitalization had just crossed the $1 trillion threshold.

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AI:Ilya Sutskever: new AI company: Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI)

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI's former chief scientist, launches new AI company | TechCrunch

Ilya Sutskever, one of OpenAI’s co-founders, has launched a new company, Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), just one month after formally leaving OpenAI.

Sutskever, who was OpenAI’s longtime chief scientist, founded SSI with former Y Combinator partner Daniel Gross and ex-OpenAI engineer Daniel Levy.

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion

 Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion - Amazon OpenSearch Service

s3 source - OpenSearch Documentation

csv codec

The csv codec parses objects in comma-separated value (CSV) format, with each row producing a Data Prepper log event. Use the following options to configure the csv codec.

delimiterYesIntegerThe delimiter separating columns. Default is ,.
quote_characterYesStringThe character used as a text qualifier for CSV data. Default is ".
headerNoString listThe header containing the column names used to parse CSV data.
detect_headerNoBooleanWhether the first line of the Amazon S3 object should be interpreted as a header. Default is true.