Friday, April 29, 2016

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees | Network World
"Microsoft just unveiled a new beta service ... allowing anyone to build an app -- no software development experience required. PowerApps combines a cloud application backend with easy-to-use tools that make creating a mobile app a drag-and-drop affair.

PowerApps applications can pull in information from a variety of data sources including Office 365, Dynamics, Google Drive, Workday and other services. Developers can also build connections for PowerApps in their own services if there isn’t a connector already available.

Once the data connection is set up, users can then start building an application interface from one of Microsoft’s pre-built templates, or plug key data into PowerApps and let the service suggest the right designs for their purposes. Those people who have a strong idea for what they want their app to look like can create it from scratch."

"With PowerApps, Microsoft is (competing with) Salesforce and SkyGiraffe"

Use a sample app

to sign up need a "business" email address