Friday, June 19, 2015

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Building Web Apps using TypeScript with Steve Ognibene @ .NET Rocks!


web: Source Maps

Source Maps 101 - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
"In today's modern (web dev) workflow, the code that we author in our development environments is considerably different from the production code, after running it through compilation, minification, concatenation, or various other optimization processes.

This is where source maps come into play, by pointing out the exact mapping in our production code to the original authored code. In this introductory tutorial, we'll take a simple project, and run it through various JavaScript compilers for the purposes of playing with source maps in the browser."

Chrome (Version 23 and up) supports JavaScript Source Maps, and even SASS Source Maps.
  • Open Chrome Developer Tools: View -> Developer -> Developer Tools
  • Click the "Settings" cog in the bottom-right corner
  • Choose "General," and select "Enable source maps"