Friday, May 29, 2015

The First Self-Driving Semi-Truck

The World's First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits the Road | WIRED

"The truck in question is the Freightliner Inspiration, a teched-up version of the Daimler 18-wheeler sold around the world. And according to Daimler, which owns Mercedes-Benz, it will make long-haul road transportation safer, cheaper, and better for the planet.
The Freightliner Inspiration offers a rather limited version of autonomy: It will take control only on the highway, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and staying in its lane. It won’t pass slower vehicles on its own.
In 2012 in the US, 330,000 large trucks were involved in crashes that killed nearly 4,000 people, most of them in passenger cars. About 90 percent of those were caused by driver error."

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"Red Balloon Security", HP Printers firmware update insecurity

Red Balloon Security

AESOP @ Red Balloon Security

Exclusive: Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack, researchers say - Red Tape  @NBCNews

"This time-lapsed image of a screen on an HP LaserJet shows the impact of a rogue print job used to reprogram the device.

Could a hacker from half-way around the planet control your printer and give it instructions so frantic that it could eventually catch fire? Or use a hijacked printer as a copy machine for criminals, making it easy to commit identity theft or even take control of entire networks that would otherwise be secure?"

"(Columbia University’s researchers)... say they've reverse engineered software that controls common Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers. Those printers allow firmware upgrades through a process called "Remote Firmware Update." Every time the printer accepts a job, it checks to see if a software update is included in that job. But they say printers they examined don't discriminate the source of the update software – a typical digital signature is not used to verify the upgrade software’s authenticity – so anyone can instruct the printer to erase its operating software and install a booby-trapped version."

Popular office phones vulnerable to eavesdropping hack, researchers say - Red Tape


Hack Simplifies Attacks On Cisco Routers

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Azure WebJobs

Run Background tasks with WebJobs
"You can run programs or scripts in WebJobs in your App Service web app in three ways: on demand, continuously, or on a How to use AzCopy with Microsoft Azure Storageschedule. There is no additional cost to use WebJobs.

This article shows how to deploy WebJobs by using the Azure Portal. For information about how to deploy by using Visual Studio or a continuous delivery process, see How to Deploy Azure WebJobs to Web Apps.

The Azure WebJobs SDK simplifies many WebJobs programming tasks. For more information, see What is the WebJobs SDK."

IoT, cars, app: "Automatic" (!)

Automatic: Connect Your Car to Your Digital Life
  1. "CAR ADAPTER ($100)
    The Automatic adapter plugs into the standard diagnostics port hidden under the dash in most cars since 1996.
    The Automatic app pairs with the adapter and displays useful information about your car and driving habits.
    Now your car’s data can power apps from the Automatic App Gallery and connect your car to the rest of your life."

Google I/O 2015 (!)

Google I/O 2015

The 12 most important announcements from Google I/O 2015 | The Verge

  • Android M
  • Android everywhere
  • Virtual reality
  • ...
Everything Google Announced at Google I/O 2015 @ thenextweb

Microsoft "Flow for Outlook" App

Microsoft is developing a new Outlook companion app called 'Flow' for the iPhone | Windows Central
"Microsoft appears to be developing a new and lightweight email client that can be used in tandem with its Outlook app. The app, called Flow, is apparently in internal testing among Microsoft employees for the iPhone."
"Use Flow with anyone, it's email: Reach anyone with an email address and all conversations for you and others are also in Outlook. Together, you can use Flow and Outlook interchangeably to participate in the same conversations.

"Fast, fluid, natural conversations: No subject lines, salutations, or signatures. Flow is designed for fast, light-weight conversations in real time.

"Focus on what's important: Only conversations started in Flow and their replies show up in Flow, not your whole inbox. Focus on your most important person-to-person conversations without the noise."