Friday, August 07, 2020

Cloudflare Edge Workers vs AWS Lambda@Edge, Azure, GCP Serverless

Cloudflare Wants to Eat AWS’s Serverless Lunch | Data Center Knowledge

" cloud service from Cloudflare ... beats competing services by the three cloud giants – AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – on both performance and price...

The new service builds on ... Workers platform for serverless computing at the edge. Called Workers Unbound, it lifts the limitations Workers had for how resource-intensive a workload it could support and how long an execution time it would allow."

Cloudflare Takes On AWS Lambda@Edge With A Cheaper And Faster Serverless Platform

Serverless Performance: Cloudflare Workers, Lambda and Lambda@Edge

Workers is built on V8 isolates, which are significantly faster to spin up (under 5ms) than a full NodeJS process and have a tenth the memory overhead. 


How Can Serverless Computing Improve Performance? | Lambda Performance | Cloudflare

"Cloudflare Workers respond very quickly, typically in under 200 milliseconds, when cold starting. In contrast, both Lambda and Lambda@Edge functions can take over a second to respond from a cold start.

The differences are largely due to the fact that Cloudflare Workers run on Chrome V8 rather than Node.js. Node.js is built on top of Chrome V8, takes longer to spin up, and has more memory overhead. Usually V8 instances take less than 5 milliseconds to spin up."