Thursday, May 28, 2015

China =$250B=> South America

Chinese Rail In South America | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

China wants to build a railroad across Latin America - Business Insider
"China and Peru have agreed to study the feasibility of a controversial 3,300 miles (5,300 km) transcontinental railroad that will connect Peru's Pacific coast with Brazil's Atlantic coast
Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $250 billion in investment in Latin America over the next 10 years as part of a drive to boost resource-hungry China's influence in a region long dominated by the United States."peru brazil china train

Planes, Trains & Copper: China’s Premier Goes to Latin America - Bloomberg Business

Nicaragua Canal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SQL Server += JSON

SQL Server to add JSON Support

"SQL Server 2016 is expected to offer native support for working with JSON. The first iteration of this support will be released as part of SQL Server 2016’s CTP 2.
The main CTP 2 feature is the ability to “format and export” JSON. This is done by appending a FOR JSON clause to the end of a SELECT statement. It is based on the FOR XML clause and, like it, allows for both automatic and semi-manual formatting of the resulting JSON string.
JSON data is stored as an nVarChar variable. This is also the case when storing JSON data inside table columns
To directly query JSON for scalar values, you can use the JSON_VALUE function. This function uses a JavaScript like notation to locate values within the JSON object. It uses the $ symbol as the object root, dot-notation for properties, and brackets for array indexes."

app: Waze (GPS navigation, social) (!)

Waze: Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App

Waze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Logo for waze.svg

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic - Android Apps on Google Play
Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic - screenshot

What Waze Adds To Google: A View From Waze's CEO

Waze co-founder's tips for growing a $1bn startup that Google might buy | Media Network | The Guardian
  • "Who are your users and what is their problem?
  • Make your mistakes fast
  • The DNA and the mission defines the journey
  • Fall in love with the problem you’re solving, not the solution
  • Focus is not what we’re doing. It’s what we’re not doing
  • The definition of a good product is good retention"