Saturday, May 13, 2017

cloud: FPGA: Azure, AWS

Inside the Microsoft FPGA-based configurable cloud | Build 2017 | Channel 9

"Microsoft has been deploying FPGAs in every Azure server over the last several years, creating a cloud that can be reconfigured to optimize a diverse set of applications and functions. This configurable cloud provides more efficient execution than CPUs for many scenarios without the inflexibility of fixed-function ASICs at scale. Today, Microsoft is already using FPGAs for Bing search ranking, deep neural network (DNN) evaluation, and software defined networking (SDN) acceleration. Azure’s FPGA-based accelerated networking reduces inter-virtual machine latency by up to 10x while freeing CPUs for other tasks."

The moonshot that succeeded: How Bing and Azure are using an AI supercomputer in the cloud - Next at Microsoft

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