Saturday, June 01, 2019

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse - Douglas Crockford

From person who "discovered" JSON and "good parts" of JavaScript

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse - Douglas Crockford - YouTube

Tab vs Space => can not remove Space, so Tab has to go, not adding value :)

Single Quote vs Double Quote => keep Double Quote, single quote is used as apostrophe

"let" vs "var" keyword => keep "let", var is confusing people; const is even better

"stop using IE" :)  "IE does not spark joy"

"null" vs "undefined" => get rid of "null"
null could be defined as immutable empty object in ES6: const null = Object.freeze(Object.create);

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containers: Istio & Kubernetes

Migrating to Containers using Istio and Kubernetes with Rob Richardson @.NET Rocks! vNext

Rob's Blog

VS Code Can Do That?

VS Code Can Do That?.

Visual Studio Code March 2019

Visual Studio Code Release Highlights - March 2019 - YouTube

Convert Promise Handlers to Async and Await · Issue #25082 · microsoft/TypeScript


Emmet in Visual Studio Code

Emmet in suggestion/auto-completion list

GitHub Pull Requests - Visual Studio Marketplace

Visual Studio Code Key Bindings

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