Monday, November 12, 2012

Cloud-Controlled Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Cloud-Controlled Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Camera API for a Logitech BCC950 Camera with Azure and SignalR - Scott Hanselman

Windows 8: File History backup

Windows 8, Step 0 - Turn on continuous backups via File History - Scott Hanselman

Time Machine, Microsoft style...

New York Sea Wall

Sea Walls | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Before becoming New York, Manhattan was called "New Amsterdam".
Amsterdam, as most of Nederlands is protected by massive sea wall.
New York is considering the same, to avoid another Sandy-like damage...

47 minutes!

Free online Windows AzureConf, 2012-11-14

Free online Windows AzureConf this Wednesday - ScottGu's Blog

@Channel 9 8:30a AM -> 5:00 PM PST = 11:30 AM -> 8:00 PM EST

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera available on AT&T Nov. 16 - CBS News

"The tablet-camera hybrid, of sorts, will be available through AT&T for about $500, with or without a data plan.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is essentially a 16 megapixel point-and-shoot camera that runs Google's mobile operating system Android Jelly Bean. Users can use the camera like a mini tablet, emailing or posting photos straight to social networks.

The device features a 21x optical zoom lens, a quad core 1.4 gigahertz processor and 4.8-inch HD LCD screen."

HTML5 JavaScript Piano - with Data URIs

HTML5 JavaScript Piano - with Data URIs

This synth piano is written solely using HTML, JS, and CSS. It contains a small handful of synths with configurable decays, a looper, demo mode, visual mode, and a variety of colors. View controls by hitting the top-right button on the piano.

It doesn't use a single static audio file, instead it generates them on the fly at the byte level and then converts them to files using the data URI schema. On a similar note, it doesn't use a single image either, just CSS. You can make pretty much any kind of file with a data URI



Microsoft BizSpark

BizSpark | Offers and Promotions for Microsoft BizSpark members

The Future of C++ | Build 2012 | Channel 9

The Future of C++ | Build 2012 | Channel 9 by Herb Sutter

Bottom line: C++ produces more efficient programs,
that extends battery life on mobile devices
and can reduce number of required servers on cloud farms.
The C++ language getting more friendly for developers, so that is a bright future :)

Just don't say that to javascript, html5 and node.js developers,
that are using in best case 5 times less efficient platform
to take the server world by storm, including Mobile and Azure...

A Future So Bright You'll Need to Wear Sunglasses