Sunday, September 03, 2017

cloud containers: Cabin, Mobile App for Kubernetes

open source mobile app, created with React Native
for managing containers from iOS and Android

Demo of Kubernetes Cabin, Mobile App for Kubernetes - YouTube

GitHub - bitnami/cabin: The Mobile Dashboard for Kubernetes

link from:
The Future of Media with Machine Learning with Amit Pande | Google Cloud Platform Podcast

AWS IoT Button Setup

aws_iot_button All-New AWS IoT Button (2nd Generation): Amazon Devices
Battery life now extended to 2000 clicks.
Battery is not replaceable.
The button license if for development and testing only.
The button connects to AWS services only
(AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, and others),
and from there can perform any programmed action. 
The button can recognize 3 types of clicks: single, double and long. 

"With the AWS IoT Button Enterprise Program, you can bulk order buttons with custom labels and take advantage of pre-provisioned certificates and keys to get started quickly. Pre-provisioning grants the device access to AWS IoT and only needs to be configured with WiFi for it to work. Each button will be given a certificate and a unique private key, which enables secure communication with the AWS cloud."

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AWS IoT Button Wireless Setup - YouTube

How to configure an AWS IoT Button - YouTube

The button can connect to one WiFi network only (at one time)
There is no buffering of clicks when connection is missing.
AWS Developer Forums: Multiple Wifi Networks for a Single IoT ...

Amazon Dash Button Teardown | Matthew Petroff
"printed circuit board with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA battery."
BatteryPartially Disassembled