Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Infographic: Zero Net Energy Homes

Infographic: What net-zero homes of the future will look like - Tech Page One

net-zero homes produce more electricity than they use thanks to solar panels, wind turbines, highly insulated windows and doors, energy-efficient appliances, and water recycling systems.

Azure API Apps Tools

Introducing the Azure API Apps Tools for Visual Studio 2013 - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
"With the Azure SDK 2.5.1 Release we took the opportunity to combine existing Web Publishing techniques with the newAzure Resource Management APIs to support Azure’s newest feature for Web, Mobile, and API developers – Azure App Service."

JavaScript - The Function Object

A precise and specific descriptions of this distinctive feature of JavaScript.
Function in JavaScript is defined as an object (dictionary) with code that is an immutable string property. This makes JavaScript unusual and powerful. It just looks similar to other languages.

Just JavaScript - The Function Object:
function definition:
  var myFunction = new Function("a","b", "var ans=a+b; return ans;");
is equivalent to:
  var myFunction = function(a,b) { var ans=a+b; return ans; }
and function expression:
  function myFunction(a,b) { var ans=a+b; return ans; }

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