Thursday, October 10, 2013

Task.Run vs BackgroundWorker (.NET)

Stephen Cleary (the blog): Task.Run vs BackgroundWorker: Conclusion:
"most common aspects of running background tasks"

Free Book: Data Access for Highly-Scalable Solutions

Just Released – Data Access for Highly Scalable Solutions: Using SQL, NoSQL, and Polyglot Persistence - Andrew Oakley's Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Download Book Download: Data Access for Highly-Scalable Solutions: Using SQL, NoSQL, and Polyglot Persistence from Official Microsoft Download Center:

Open Data Made Simple

Web Essentials for Visual Studio: Open Data Made Simple - Canadian Developer Connection - Site Home - MSDN Blogs:

Copy XML or JSON file, paste as C# class for direct access to data.

Bootstrap in Visual Studio

[#VS2013] HowTo: Create a website project in Visual Studio using Bootstrap | El Bruno

x-ms-webview from WinJS in Windows 8.1 Apps

Blending apps and sites with the HTML x-ms-webview:
"The x-ms-webview is a powerful control that lets you embed web content directly in your app’s UX. This control has been available to XAML Windows Store apps since Windows 8, and in Windows 8.1 ... the control is now available for apps written in HTML and JavaScript!"

This enables embedding web browser view into web-based WinRT apps.

PhysicsJS: physics engine for javascript

No much need for using C/C++ for games anymore...

PhysicsJS - A modular, extendable, and easy-to-use physics engine for javascript: "A modular, extendable, and easy-to-use physics engine for javascript"

64-bit JIT compiler for .NET

RyuJIT: The next-generation JIT compiler for .NET - .NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs:
"The world is moving to 64-bit computing even though it isn’t always faster or more efficient than 32-bit. A lot of programs run faster on 32-bit than on 64-bit, for a variety of reasons. One example of this is the 64-bit JIT compiler in .NET. It does a great job of making your program run fast, but it’s not a fast program itself. All that’s about to change: a new, next-generation x64 JIT compiler that compiles code twice as fast is ready to change your impressions of 64-bit .NET code.
The .NET 64-bit JIT was originally designed to produce very efficient code throughout the long run of a server process.
This differs from the .NET x86 JIT, which was optimized to produce code quickly so that the program starts up fast."

Windows: Snap, Peek, Shake

Windows 7 have introduced useful feature for viewing 2 windows side by side.
It works the same in Windows 8.

Snap - Microsoft Windows:

related features: Peek and Shake.