Thursday, July 12, 2012

Google Docs is now Google Drive

Google Docs is now Google Drive - we take it for a spin | Android Central:

This is an old news, from April 2012.
It is interesting that focus has moved from "editing" to "storage".
Because of "mobile first", and phones and even tablets are not very good for editing.

Google Drive SDK

Microsoft "answer", SkyDrive, has almost identical purpose: sharing files online.
Editable "documents" are exception, rather than a rule.

The API is also REST based, and there are samples in many prog. languages...

Apparently Apple has again defined user expectations, with iCloud.
Files first.

Apple's 1987 Knowledge Navigator Video - YouTube

Apple's 1987 Knowledge Navigator Video - YouTube: ""

Interesting, there is still printing at the end,
with all this fancy communication tools.
Must be because iPad 3 with Retina Display was not imagined yet :)

Learning by Neural Evolution

Gerald Edelman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Nobel laureate "Edelman's "Neural Darwinism" theory of neuronal group selection,
also known as Neural Darwinism, has three basic tenets:
Developmental Selection, Experiential Selection and Reentry."

podcast interview @Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku

The process of learning in human brain is based on evolution of neural cells connections.
Similar to genetic evolution, connections between cells evolve based on environment.
(This is very different from the way current computers work)
Consciousnesses and thinking is a "process" not a "thing" (program).

So, there is a "slow learning" by genetic evolution, that takes thousands or years
and "fast learning" in the brain that takes a lifetime of each individual.
The key element of this is the language.

I think there is a third super-fast learning evolution based on web and internet.
Every "connected human" (and device) becomes a cell in a global web network
that functions similar to the brain itself!

For example, traffic jam info is assembled from other SmartPhones and "cloud".
The search engines select "most popular" info to share with others... We "align" our behavior and opinion based on shared info (Google+, Facebook...)

So there are: DNA, Neural Cells and Smart Phones :)

The Apps are almost like DNA. The code provide a template, and actual data / environment on each running instance of the program behaves slightly differently...

Microsoft security fix kills Windows Gadgets

Microsoft fix kills Windows Gadgets, warns it could lead to PC hijacks | Ars Technica:

NASA "Curiosity" Mars landing

Terrified? NASA has reason to be when it comes to Mars landing -