Wednesday, January 07, 2015

IoT standards, CES 2015: AllJoyn vs OIC

CES 2015: AllSeen Alliance to bring order to the Internet of Things | ZDNet
"...AllSeen Alliance's members include Qualcomm, Cisco, Microsoft, LG, and HTC, I think this software, and the standardization ideas behind it, has an excellent chance of defining how IoT will end up being deployed in the real world.

Of course, AllSeen Alliance isn't the only would be setter of IoT standards. The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), announced by Intel and joined by Atmel, Dell, Broadcom, Samsung, and Wind River must also be taken seriously."

Apple and Google may define de-facto "standards" for their ecosystems... Application Virtualization / Containers Containers for Windows - Use your applications instantly, anywhere
Spoon, an application containierization and streaming platform for Windows.Logo Spoon 2014.png
podcast: Herding Code 201: Kenji Obata on Spoon, application virtualization, containers, and flying little airplanes

Inside Spoon - Introducing Containers for Windows!

Inside Spoon - Ship Your Apps to Azure RemoteApp with Containers

Spoon (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Spoon’s tools package conventional software applications for Microsoft Windows in a portable application format that can be delivered via a single executable or streamed over the web. Files and settings automatically synchronize across devices via Spoon’s patented virtualization technology which allows access to local files and printers from web-based applications."