Thursday, June 21, 2012

GitHub for Windows

podcast: Herding Code 144 – GitHub for Windows with Tim Clem, Paul Betts and Phil Haack:

Will Microsoft’s tablet cost more than an iPad? Will Microsoft’s tablet cost more than an iPad? - Therese Poletti's Tech Tales - MarketWatch:

That didn't work for HP, and many Android based tablets...
No point in trying to be "cooler" than Apple,
nobody expects this from Microsoft,
but a reasonable price is expected.

There should be a 8 GB model tightly integrated with Azure
and with no keyboard cover and other "extras", with price of $300.
Plastic is OK. That would really sell, I think.
Microsoft could call such tablet "AzureView".
What does "Surface" means anyway?

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 unveiled: Microsoft modernizes its mobile system -

* based on WinRT, same as Windows 8 (tablets, desktops)
* will be able to run Windows Phone 7 apps,
* will not be able to run Windows 8 apps (?!)
* will require new hardware, can't run on current Win 7 phones

Oracle CEO to buy a Hawaiian Island

Oracle CEO Ellison to Buy Most of Hawaiian Island Lanai - Bloomberg

Lanai, Hawaii’s sixth-largest island with an area of 141 square miles (365 square kilometers), is currently owned by billionaire David Murdock’s Castle & Cooke Inc. Ellison’s software industry rival Bill Gates married his wife Melinda on the island in 1994.