Thursday, April 07, 2016

mobile web apps: Project Ace: Cordova + Native UI

A new Microsoft's open source tool that combines "native controls" with Cordova (embedded web mobile apps). It is similar to Titanium Appcelerator and Telerik NativeScript, and potentially better
since it allows mixing of web content and native controls.

Leveraging Native UI in Apache Cordova Apps Using Project Ace | Premier Developer
"Ace is a prototype to enable mixing native UI with Cordova. It can be included in Apache Cordova project as a plugin which means it can easily be integrated into your existing Ionic or Cordova app development workflow."

Windows App Studio

Windows App Studio–Free Tool to create apps in Windows Stores|Microsoft
"Create your Windows app with no coding required"

How to - Helps you along every step to publish your app | Microsoft


tool: "hand" animated videos: VideoScribe

I have figured out how many "hand-drawn" videos are created :)

Create your own whiteboard videos | VideoScribe
Home - Sparkol

Animated handwriting software - Hand drawn animation - Write on effect - YouTube

Using VideoScribe - Create Your Own Custom Drawings for Whiteboard Video - YouTube

How whiteboard video technology works in education (NEW) - YouTube

example usage:
Picturing Architecture: UML (The Good Bits) and More | Pluralsight

8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations - Sparkol

Android += Swift ?!

Google might bring Swift to Android - Business Insider
"The report says Google is considering making Swift a "first-class" language choice for programmers making apps for Android.

That means Google would make it much easier for developers to build their Android apps with Swift, right alongside the Java programming language most often used for Android apps today."

Oracle wants $9.3 billion from Google - Business Insider (for using Java)

Swift is a modern and fast language, so it likely to have very good performance compared with Java.

Or they can use C# or F#... with Xamarin now made open source that would be easy.

Google selected Java since most developers can use it. 
But JavaScript have even more developers now, as well as C#, and Swift is growing fast.
No harm for Google for expanding Android platform.

It may be time for a common "Mobile API platform" also, 
like one in Cordova/PhoneGap, or Xamarin Forms.