Wednesday, May 06, 2020 IDE for Jupyter Notebooks

Episode #178 Build a PyPI package from a Jupyter notebook - [Python Bytes Podcast]

  • nbdev is a library that allows you to fully develop a library in Jupyter Notebooks, putting all your code, tests and documentation in one place.
  • That is: you now have a true literate programming environment, as envisioned by Donald Knuth back in 1983!
  • This seems to be a massive upgrade for notebooks and related tooling
  • Creates Python packages out of a notebook
  • Creates documentation from the notebook
  • Solves the git perma-conflict issues with git pre-commit hooks
  • Use #export to declare a cell should become a function in the package
  • Manages the boilerplate issues for creating Python packages (, etc)
  • Makes testing possible inside notebooks
  • Navigate and edit your code in a standard text editor or IDE, and sync any changes automatically back into your notebooks (reverse basically)
  • Follow getting started instructions.
  • Docs render slightly better at
Exporting from nbdev