Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Modernizr - Detecting HTML5/CSS3 Features

Detecting HTML5/CSS3 Features using Modernizr - Dan Wahlin's WebLog

A nice tutorial article...

JavaScript Data Binding Frameworks

The JavaScript Cheese is Moving: Data-Oriented vs. Control-Oriented Programming - Dan Wahlin's WebLog

move more and more functionality to the client. Data binding is a key aspect of client-centric programming that can significantly minimize the amount of code written, simplify maintenance, and ultimately reduce the number of bugs that crop up in an application. Without data binding you have to locate each control in a page with code and then assign or extract a value to/from it – something I call “control-oriented” programming...


James Clark's Random Thoughts: MicroXML

James Clark's Random Thoughts: MicroXML:

MicroXML - by this I mean a subset of XML 1.0 that is not intended to replace XML 1.0, but is intended for contexts where XML 1.0 is, or is perceived as, too heavyweight.

Namespaces. This is probably the hardest and most controversial issue. I think the right answer is to take a deep breath and just say no.

http://www.w3.org/community/microxml/ Introducing MicroXML