Monday, May 04, 2015

IoT: AllJoyn @ Windows 10 (!)

AllJoyn is open source platform for IoT, included in Windows 10 preview.
Microsoft also provides Visual Studio templates for AllJoyn,
and contributed "bridge" templates for connecting devices that don't support AllJoyn directly.

AllJoyn: Building Universal Windows Apps that Discover, Connect, and Interact with Other Devices and Cloud Services Using AllJoyn | Build 2015 | Channel 9
"Microsoft joined the AllSeen Alliance in mid-2014 and is deploying AllJoyn technology into Windows 10 as the device connectivity platform for Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, and enterprise devices. AllJoyn is an open source framework that enables companies and individuals to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and interact with other devices and cloud services regardless of manufacturer, vertical or network. In this session you will learn the value of adding AllJoyn into your devices to unlock the power of IoT interoperability."

Architecture - AllSeen Alliance
"The AllJoyn™ framework runs on the local network. It enables devices and apps to advertise and discover each other... the AllJoyn framework comprises AllJoyn Apps and AllJoyn Routers...
Apps and Routers can live on the same physical device, or on different devices."

"The AllJoyn framework runs on the local network. It currently supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, serial, and Power Line (PLC), but since the AllJoyn software was written to be transport-agnostic and since the AllJoyn system is an evolving open-source project, support for more transports can be added in the future.

Additionally, bridge software can be created to bridge the AllJoyn framework to other systems like Zigbee, Z-wave, or the cloud. In fact, a Working Group is working on adding a Gateway Agent as a standard AllJoyn service."

Download - AllSeen Alliance

Windows IoT - AllJoyn System Bridge templates and samples

AllJoyn: A Common Language For Internet Of Things - InformationWeek

"Lost among the 4K TVs, 3D printers... at CES, the AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry group advancing the Internet of Everything (IoT) via the AllJoyn open-source software project, announced the first release of the AllJoyn Gateway Agent. That's a pity, because this announcement may be the most important one of the show."