Sunday, October 13, 2019

Timsort : the fastest sorting algorithm

Timsort — the fastest sorting algorithm you’ve never heard of

Timsort is actually built right into Python.
To use Timsort simply write:

Original source code: check it out here.
Timsort is offically implemented in C, not Python.

Kotlin vs. Dart

a nice comparison...

The nosey programmer’s guide to Kotlin and Dart - Snapp Mobile - Medium

In Dart you need to add a semicolon at the end of each expression.
Kotlin by convention is written without a semicolon.

Dart is strongly typed.
Kotlin is statically typed.

China to require facial ID for internet and mobile

China to require facial ID for internet and mobile services - Business Insider
  • "China's 854 million internet users will soon need to use facial identification in order to apply for new internet or mobile services.
  • The Chinese government announced last month that telecommunications companies will need to scan users' faces in order to verify their identities before they can access new services.
  • The new rule will apply from December 1."
AI Weekly: In China, you can no longer buy a smartphone without a face scan | VentureBeat