Monday, May 18, 2020

immudb: immutable database in Go

codenotary/immudb: immudb is lightweight, high-speed immutable database for systems and applications

"immudb is a lightweight, high-speed immutable database for systems and applications. With immmudb you can track changes in sensitive data in your transactional databases and then record those changes permanently in a tamperproof immudb database. This allows you to keep an indelible history of sensitive data, for example debit/credit card transactions.

As such, immudb provides unparalleled insights retroactively of changes to your sensitive data, even if your perimeter has been compromised. immudb guarantees immutability by using a Merkle tree structure internally.

immudb gives you the same cryptographic verification of the integrity of data written with SHA-256 like a classic blockhain without the cost and complexity associated with blockchains today."

GoLang, Apache 2.0

"Tamperpoof ledger solutions for all your sensitive data
Give your digital assets a globally verifiable identity with"