Wednesday, April 24, 2024

IBM += HashiCorp - $6.4B

IBM earnings top estimates, acquiring HashiCorp for $6.4B

IBM nearing deal for cloud software provider HashiCorp, source says | Reuters

HashiCorp joins IBM to accelerate multi-cloud automation

web: Async WASM: WebAssembly JSPI in Chrome

WebAssembly JSPI is going to origin trial · V8

WebAssembly’s JavaScript Promise Integration (JSPI) API is entering an origin trial, with Chrome release M123. What that means is that you can test whether you and your users can benefit from this new API.

JSPI is an API that allows so-called sequential code – that has been compiled to WebAssembly – to access Web APIs that are asynchronous. Many Web APIs are crafted in terms of JavaScript Promises: instead of immediately performing the requested operation they return a Promise to do so. When the action is finally performed, the browser’s task runner invokes any callbacks with the Promise. JSPI hooks into this architecture to allow a WebAssembly application to be suspended when the Promise is returned and resumed when the Promise is resolved.

You can find out more about JSPI and how to use it here and the specification itself is here.