Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Scala: "Working Hard to Keep It Simple"

A quick introduction to Scala programming language by its creator

O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011: Martin Odersky, "Working Hard to Keep It Simple" - YouTube:

Concurrency vs Parallelism - What is the difference? - Stack Overflow

Concurrency is when two tasks can start, run, and complete in overlapping time periods. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll ever both be running at the same instant. Eg. multitasking on a single-core machine.

 is when tasks literally run at the same time, eg. on a multicore processor.
  • Parallelism: A condition that arises when at least two threads are executing simultaneously.
  • Concurrency: A condition that exists when at least two threads are making progress. A more generalized form of parallelism that can include time-slicing as a form of virtual parallelism.

noda-time, Joda Time

noda-time - A port of Joda Time to .NET - Google Project Hosting:
by jonathan.skeet

"Joda Time is the industry standard date and time handling library for Java.
Noda Time is an idiomatic port to the .NET platform."

Scala School by Twitter

Scala School: @ GigHub
"Scala school started as a series of lectures at Twitter to prepare experienced engineers to be productive Scala programmers. Scala is a relatively new language, but draws on many familiar concepts. Thus, these lectures assumed the audience knew the concepts and showed how to use them in Scala. We found this an effective way of getting new engineers up to speed quickly. This is the written material that accompanied those lectures. "