Sunday, May 20, 2018

Azure SignalR Service: Real time web for .NET

SignalR Service – Real time web | Microsoft Azure

Azure solutions architecture center | Microsoft Azure

Azure SignalR Service, a fully-managed service to add real-time functionality | Blog | Microsoft Azure

"public preview of the Azure SignalR Service. This fully-managed service allows you to use ASP.NET Core SignalR to build real-time experiences such as chat, stock tickers, live dashboards, and more, all without worrying about capacity provisioning, scaling, or persistent connections."

SignalR/SignalR: Incredibly simple real-time web for .NET @ GitHub

Microsoft Announces Preview of Azure SignalR Service @ InfoQ

"SignalR is a library and can be used to deliver real-time experiences for web applications, such as live dashboards. It achieves this by pushing content from server-side code to connected clients in real-time. The functionality is provided through WebSockets but has fall-back to server-side events, forever frames and long polling when WebSockets are not supported.

When hosting the SignalR components directly, the user is responsible for security, encryption, capacity and scaling...

The Azure SignalR Service removes some of the complexity around self-hosting instances by providing scale up and scale out capabilities directly without the need to provide your own backplane. Additionally, security is managed by the service using shared access keys."