Saturday, June 08, 2013

Tackling Complex Data with Neo4j

Tackling Complex Data with Neo4j @ InfoQ

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Emil Eifrem sketched the property graph model on a flight to Mumbai in 2000. As the CEO of Neo Technology and cofounder of the Neo4j project, he’s devoted his profes‐ sional life to building and evangelizing graph databases. Committed to sustainable open source, Emil guides Neo along a balanced path between free availability and commercial reliability. He plans to save the world with graphs and own Larry’s yacht by the end of the decade

10 Examples of Yachts With a Price Tag Over 100 Million Dollars

The Rising Sun
Price: $200 million +
Owner: Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle.
Size: 453 feet.

(sold # 2010)

By the way, Larry also owns an island on Hawaii,
making this much money on graph databases will take a little while longer :)

Embrace the limitations @ TED

Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake | Video on