Monday, December 26, 2016

ASP.NET WebHooks

Announcing Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks V1 | .NET Web Development and Tools Blog

"WebHooks provide a simple pub/sub model for wiring together Web APIs and services with your code. A WebHook can be used to get notified when a file has changed in Dropbox, a code change has been committed to GitHub, a payment has been initiated in PayPal, a card has been created in Trello, and much more..."

book: The Attention Merchants

Triangulation 278 Tim Wu | TWiT

Triangulation 278: Tim Wu - YouTube

"....whether we acknowledge it or not
the attention merchants have come to play an important part in setting the course of our lives
and consequently the future of the human race

the future will be nothing more than the running total of our individual mental states 
so that's why you call attention to what you want us to think about it
our attention in a way really is all is the only currency we have to spend as human beings
your life really is the sum total of what you paid attention to
a proven 3-stage technique, successfully used by religions, governments, advertisers
and apparently by Trump:

  1.  Win a battle for attention (no arguments!):
    being outlandish, extremely forceful, looking strange
  2.  Give voice to deeply help unconscious fears or desires
    by reading the audience ("tell people what they want to hear")
  3. Offer your product (or yourself) as the solution
    in confident way"

Tim Wu's Home Page
law professor on Columbia University;
among other things, he is the creator of the term "net neutrality"

The Attention Merchants