Friday, March 23, 2018

Java 10, Jakarta EE, $8.8 billion?

Java 10 Released @ InfoQ

"The release of Java 10 immediately obsoletes Java 9 and no further free support releases of Java 9 will be made available. As of March 20th, the only versions of Java with free support from Oracle are Java 8 and Java 10. The next release with long-term support available is Java 11, which will be released in September 2018."

Java EE Becomes Jakarta EE

"After Oracle expressed its desire that Java EE be rebranded as part of the project’s transfer to Eclipse, the community has voted, and the new name for Java EE going forward will be Jakarta EE."

but... Java is not "free", while it was open source for a while.

Google-Oracle lawsuit revived -- billions on the line
"The closely watched case, dating back to 2010, now goes back to a U.S. judge in San Francisco for a trial to determine how much compensation Google owes Oracle. Oracle had previously sought $9 billion in damages."

Azure Data Architecture Guide

Azure Data Architecture Guide | Microsoft Docs
"structured approach for designing data-centric solutions on Microsoft Azure. It is based on proven practices derived from customer engagements"

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