Thursday, March 28, 2013

$ Qualcomm > $ Intel

Qualcomm Boosts Consumer Marketing for Snapdragon Smartphone Chips @ MIT Technology Review

"Qualcomm is already worth more than Intel.
Now the chip maker wants everyone to know it.

The processors inside smartphones and tablets contribute to attributes that matter to consumers, such as power consumption and price.

Mobile computing is the fastest-spreading consumer technology in history, but the real change for the technology business is only just beginning.
Qualcomm sells chips that go inside TVs, BMW dashboards, game consoles, and, most important, one-third of smartphones sold. It did $19 billion in business last year, and its stock market value has surpassed that of rival Intel."

Stock prince in last 5 years: Qualcomm vs. Intel vs. Nvidia vs Texas Instriuments:
makers of ARM CPUs vs Intel, that was making ARM CPUs before all,
and decided to leave market just before it "exploded".

ARM CPU Architecture @ Wikipedia

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