Thursday, December 08, 2016

cloud: "Low End Box" providers + AWS

Amazon Launches Lightsail Virtual Private Servers

"Amazon has launched Lightsail, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service to compete with companies like Digital Ocean, Linode and the multitude of Low End Box providers. The service bundles a basic Linux virtual machine with SSD storage and a bandwidth allowance."

"Smaller AWS EC2 instances have competed with VPSs for some time, and particularly those within the free tier for new users, such as the t2.micro. The main issue has been the cost of bandwidth, as a successful project can easily consume terabytes of bandwidth costing hundreds of dollars, and free tier provides only 15GB/month. The entry level $5/month Lightsail instance comes with 1TB of bandwidth, which would cost $89.91 on EC2 (or $88.65 for a free tier user)."

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