Thursday, September 09, 2021

"X" vs. Tesla, SpaceX ("yoke is a joke", "rules are for other people")


Desperate for attention? Just attack Elon Musk, Tesla & SpaceX

Edmunds Tells Us Why The Tesla Model S Plaid Is A Waste Of Money

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Review | Our Full Instrumented Test | Price, Range, 0-60 & More - YouTube

Tesla Model S Plaid receives scathing review from Edmunds: ‘A waste of money’

The Tesla Model S Plaid is nothing more than a marketing exercise designed to draw attention to an aging car. Also, the yoke is a joke. Our full review of the fastest car we’ve ever tested:

Amazon slams SpaceX, tells FCC that Musk-led companies are rule-breakers | Ars Technica

Illustration of many satellites orbiting the Earth.

"Whether it is launching satellites with unlicensed antennas, launching rockets without approval, building an unapproved launch tower, or re-opening a factory in violation of a shelter-in-place order, the conduct of SpaceX and other Musk-led companies makes their view plain: rules are for other people, and those who insist upon or even simply request compliance are deserving of derision and ad hominem attacks," Amazon told the FCC.