Wednesday, November 08, 2017

web dev video training:

Short, instructional videos on the technologies we use on @eggheadio

"Learn JavaScript for web development with AngularJS, React, D3, and other modern tools."egghead-logo-white

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AI, ML notebooks: Apache Zeppelin vs Jupyter

Apache Zeppelin

"Web-based notebook that enables data-driven,
interactive data analytics and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and more."


AI, ML: Azure Machine Learning Workbench & Studio

Microsoft AI

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio (

Machine Learning | Microsoft Azure

Microsoft launches new machine learning tools | TechCrunch
three major new tools:
  • Azure Machine Learning Experimentation service, 
  • Azure Machine Learning Workbench 
  • Azure Machine Learning Model Management service

Google Express vs. Amazon Prime ?

Google is concerned that some of its users now search first at Amazon when they plan to purchase.
This is a big deal for Google, even with its 80% web & mobile search market share.
Google Express is a dedicated shopping service from Google...

What is Google Express? - YouTube

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Google Express vs Amazon Prime showdown: which is better? - SlashGear
Google Express vs Amazon Prime showdown: which is better?

Google Express Vs. Amazon Prime - Business Insider